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Water Treatment

Small Commercial system in Stonebriar
64K Capacity, 2 Cuft Carbon, 1.5" Big Blue, All 1 1/4 Copper Pipe

 Pro H2O Softener w/ Carbon System

Outside Install: Pro H2O Softener w/ Carbon System

WATER SOFTENERS , email us for info on Salt Free Softeners
Do you think other water softeners priced at $5,000 to $8,000 are better than ours? Compare these specifications to a water softener your thinking about getting and you will be very surprised. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Pro H2O Water Softener Only
We use brand new, quality name brand components in all Water Softeners including Fleck control valves (, Structural resin tanks (, Purolite 100E resin (, and brine tanks made by Clack Corporation (

40,000 Grain System
10 x 54 Resin Tank
1.25 Cubic Feet of Resin
12 GPM Service Flow Rate
Electronic-Demand Driven
Brine Tank Size 15 x 17 x 36
Solid State Microprocessor with LED display
Floor Space Required is 26 x 15 x 52

By reducing hard water and mineral build-up, water softeners offer tremendous benefits: sinks, tubs and showers are easier to clean; laundered clothes are cleaner, softer and brighter; dishes have fewer spots; and after a shower or bath, soft water will feel noticeably smoother to your skin. Soft water also increases the efficiency of your water heater, saving you money.

10 Year on Tank
5 Year on Control Valve
2 Year on Entire Install

Reverse Osmosis System

5-stages of water filtration
Thin Film membrane filter.
3-gallon water storage tank.
Requires no energy other than normal water line pressure.
System can be used on non-chlorinated or chlorinated potable water supplies.
High quality water right at your kitchen sink.
System produces more than enough R.O. water to meet the daily needs of your family.
50 Galllons per Day

Bottle Water Quality-produces the highest quality water.
Uses the same process as the leading water bottling companies.
NSF Tested and Certified-providing you assurance of product quality and safety.
Reduces lead, copper, barium, fluoride, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, trivalent chromium and radium and other contaminants.
Reduces chlorine, bad tastes and odors.
High quality Thin Film membrane filter

Installation Services
We install Rainsoft, GE, Hague, Aquapure, Ecowater, Fleck and any other sytem you may have

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